Episode 5: The Church's Role in Economic Justice

March 5th, 2021

Anchor institutions play a critical role in sustaining the social and economic fabric of our communities. They are the buildings on Main Street, the major employers, the places we turn to to order our communal lives. But where does the church fit in? Do congregations have an active role to play in the daily lives of the communities they inhabit? How might churches begin to play a catalyc role in the economics of their neighborhoods?

In this episode learn about Rebirth Credit Union, a new initiative with the vision of creating a network of churches operating as trusted financial lenders to underbanked populations.

The moderator for this conversation is Bonny Mollenbrock who is the principal at Millbrook Investing and has spent her career as an impact investor. In conversation with Bonny is Bill Bynum, founder of Hope Credit Union, Patrick Duggan, Executive Director of the United Church of Christ Building and Loan Fund, Greg Edwards, Senior Pastor of Resurrected Life Community Church in Allentown PA, and Cort Gross, president of Wessington Ventures.